Thursday, September 13, 2018

2018 Fall Gear Sale!

Score up to 70% off retail price with
TBR’s annual gear sale

Tents, packrafts, splitboards, and more.

Whether you spent all summer hitting the trails or are dreaming up future adventures, we’ve got killer deals on gear. That means you can save the environment and go on more adventures, without breaking the bank!

Buying used gear is great for the environment and your wallet! The act of buying used gear prevents the CO2 emissions, raw material, waste, water, and transportation that new items cost in their creation and sale.  Most of our gear is gently used and less than a year old meaning that you get next-to-new gear for a fraction of what it would cost online.

Shoot us an email if you’re looking into buying multiple items, or in bulk. We can probably cut you a deal.

You can view our full list of gear for sale here.

Highlights from the gear sale

20 degree Synthetic Sleeping bags (60% off)
Retail Price: $99 Our Price: $40

These cozy sleeping bags are perfect for car camping or backpacking trips and unlike down, will retain warmth even when damp. Perfect for visiting friends, relatives, or using as an blanket on your couch so everyone knows you’re not only outdoorsy but thrifty too.

Backpacking Packs 65-80 liters (15-40% off)
Retail Price: $250-400 Our Price: $130-275

Chiropractors are more expensive than a good backpacking pack. Get yourself one that actually fits your torso and has enough support in the right places to transform that 40lbs of gear and food your carrying into something you barely notice.

Our Price: $850-1500

Cruising down a river is great, hiking is great. Get yourself a boat that can do both. Designed to be rolled up and packed into the backcountry for lake or river travel, our packrafts are easy to use and give you a fun alternative to hiking 10 miles back the way you came. Kokopelli and Alpacka models for sale!

Splitboards & Avalanche Safety gear

If you’ve been looking into getting a backcountry setup for awhile now is your time to get it. We’ve got splitboard packages and avalanche airbags to keep you safe and having fun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ready to win $100 gift certificate from TBR??

What would you do with a $100 gift certificate from Teton Backcountry Rentals? We're offering you the opportunity to win exactly that by following us on Facebook and answering our question of the week. All correct answers will be randomly selected each week for a chance to win TBR swag and be entered to win the $100 gift card grand prize. The grand prize winner will be selected on September 15th, 2018.

For even more fun - check out our Instagram and post your adventure photos for 10% off your total gear rental!* Follow us on Instagram @tetonbcrentals, post an original photo and tag @tetonbcrentals with hashtag #backcountrybound. 

*Image must be original to customer. By tagging @tetonbcrentals, you grant us permission to use your image in marketing materials including social media. Discount does not apply to truck camper rentals or group reservations.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

TBR Community Clean-Up Day

Written by TBR Employee of the Year 2017 Benjamin Glatz

A short time ago my feet were sinking into the coarse black sand of a remote Icelandic beach. My heart began to sink with immense sadness as I noticed some of the larger objects weren’t the expected rocks or shells that one might find on a beach, rather they were chunks of plastic of all shapes, sizes and colors. I took to picking up as much trash as I could hike back to the car. A tear fell from my eye as I left the scene far from pristine.  A proper cleanup would have required a week’s work from a solo picker, which I didn’t have time for on my one day off work. I did what I could; yet it didn’t feel like it would suffice for mother earth. I spent the next few weeks reflecting upon that moment with the same heart wrenching sadness that I initially felt. To top it off, my carbon footprint to live and work in Iceland was immense. I had traveled halfway across the globe in a variety of planes, and automobiles to guide at a helicopter skiing operation on the Troll Peninsula. Talk about a hit to my moral conscious as an “environmentalist”. The realism of the situation intensified with a few social media posts that went up over the following weeks with regards to trash on Everest and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The question that resonated in my head was a culmination of these guilt ridden emotions. “Is there anything I can do?” The question circulated through my thoughts for some time in a most pessimistic manner until a recent talk with Patrick Collins, Owner of Teton Backcountry Rentals, shed light on an optimistic strategy.

Patrick and I began to talk about organizations like POW, Outdoor Alliance, SCA, and the Access Fund that have a hand in environmental preservation and conservation. We talked about their initiatives along with the successes and failures associated with them. We talked about current environmental policy in America and the overall degradation of laws that protect our lands and our waterways on a national level. I can’t lie and say that this part of the conversation was all bliss, but reality hurts, and it needs to hurt for there to be change. We continued further down the rabbit hole until our conversation made its way to Jackson, WY.

We ultimately decided that the most important conversation lie in our backyards. The local level presents the most opportunity to change with the least resistance from political and social structures. We began to talk about the great work being done with a N.I.M.B.Y. mindset by the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance to keep Snow King Mountain truly local, Incredible nature mapping projects by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation in an effort to support the health of our local flora and fauna, and Friends of Pathways extraordinary efforts to connect all of Jackson Hole via human powered trail systems.  

It isn’t difficult to get overly emotional with such a grim politics of the current environmental structure on the national level. But I think we can all agree that on a local level we want to preserve our environment for generations to come. So what about the fact that most of us drive cars that run on some form of fossil fuel, heat our houses, watch television, embrace the globalization of goods and technology, and happily eat berries out of their local growing season or buy our organic spinach in non recyclable plastic containers? I know… it’s a lot to digest on paper. So the question re-circulated when I asked Patrick, “ What can we do?” The answer isn’t simple, but it starts with offsetting our harm to the environment.

We got to talking and decided to start an in house think tank dedicated to supporting the local environment while enhancing businesses in the area. We started with a simple structure. What gear do we rent out and where do people use it? A couple of the most rented items are binoculars and spotting scopes. Where do these items get used? Most people are using these along the Antelope Flats road. Most of our customers take to the sagebrush flats in search of the hoot of a barn owl, the magnificently meandering Red Tail Hawk in search of a meal, the simplistic soar of the American Kestrel, the conversations of the chirping Mountain Blue Bird, and the grumpy old Grouse protecting their nests.

Most of TBR’s clients drive up the road with their eyes fixed to the sky in search of the avian inhabitants. Going through the loop only to look down for the Bison, Moose, or occasional Fox. But with increased traffic to any area comes increased pollution. Most clients don’t look into the furrows of the sandy soil, or the folds of the blooming sagebrush to find looming micro trash that has an extremely negative impact on our local ecosystem. All of these pollutants eventually harm the ecosystem as birds create nests with micro trash that makes its way into their stomachs and wreaks havoc on their digestive tracts.

In doing his part for the community, Patrick decided to offer rental incentives for his employees, friends, and anyone willing to offer a helping hand. The hope was that with discounted rental incentives along with truly rewarding work, he could recruit a rag tag clean up crew for an area often overshadowed by the beauty of Grand Teton National Park.

Needless to say, the first annual TBR cleanup was an absolute success. Over forty pounds of trash from small wrappers to large plastic Rubbermaid tops and everything in between. Teton Backcountry Rentals has started with the first step to local awareness. What will you do?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Adventure awaits in Utah's canyon country

road leading down into red rock canyon

Teton Backcountry Rentals officially invites you to spend a week or more in Utah's canyon country in the month of May or June. We have a fully equipped Grandby Four Wheel Camper available in San Francisco and are offering a $99/night special (60% off!) for you to road trip back to Jackson.

Your itinerary is flexible and completely up to you. It may include a cruise through Vegas, a stop at Zion National Park (don't forget to check out the Narrows Hike) and a sunrise selfie at Bryce Canyon National Park. From there, check out Kodachrome Basin State Park and travel the scenic byway toward Escalante and Fruita. We're happy to help plan your perfect route.

sunset view over red rock landscape

Opportunity for exploration in canyon country is boundless, as is your ride. Equipped with 4-wheel drive and a camper with a cozy heater, ample water storage and comfy beds for up to 4 adults, you'll travel in total comfort. Say goodbye to crowded campgrounds and hello to off-road freedom!

The Details
The Grandby Four Wheel Camper will be ready for pick up on May 29th in San Francisco. It needs to be back to Jackson by June 7th. Mileage included, fuel is renter's responsibility. Cost is $99/night + tax & insurance processing fee. The route is decided by the renter.

Reach out to us today via phone at 307-828-1885 or Facebook to reserve your date with the desert in the fabulous Grandby Four Wheel Camper!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Excited for summer adventures? So are we!!

The snow is melting and Teton Backcountry Rentals is ready to help you prepare for summer adventures. From hiking, camping and time on the water, we have the gear you need to explore. We are now taking advanced reservations and officially open our doors this Thursday, May 10th. Visit us online or in store for all your summer gear.

As always, we rent the newest gear and best brands. In addition to our regular lineup, we are proud to introduce several new items. Follow us on Facebook for a sneak preview. We'll have you out under the stars in no time!